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Introduction to Zhang Keming, an expert in application of refractory fiber
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Introduction to Zhang Keming, an expert in application of refractory fiber

Technical Director: Zhang Keming. Born in 1953, Professor-level senior engineer, former assistant dean of Anshan Iron and Steel Design Institute, director of industrial furnace room. For many years, he has been engaged in the design of energy saving retrofit for industrial furnaces and the application research of new materials for energy-saving lining.
Since 1982, 33 papers have been published in the national core journals such as Steel, Refractory, Industrial Furnace, Industrial Heating, Metallurgical Energy.
The 1991 book Polycrystalline Mullite Refractory Fiber and Its Application Technology was published four times by Metallurgical Industry Press.
In 1993, he enjoyed the treatment of experts from the State Council.
In 1994, he was promoted to be a professorship senior engineer.
It is a top-notch young scientific and technological talent in Liaoning Province, a top-notch professional and technological talent in Anshan City, and the first top-notch young professional and technological talent in Anshan Iron and Steel Company.
Social academic part time:
Deputy Secretary General of China Silicate Society insulation material Specialized Committee
Deputy Secretary General of the national thermal insulation materials science and Technology Information Network
Director of the center for promoting the application of fire resistant fibers in Metallurgical Industry Productivity Promotion Center
Executive director of the industrial furnace Committee of Liaoning Institute of Mechanical Engineering